** 17th November 2019 **


Week 9 scores now uploaded to web site. Please note that in division one, three matches were not played this week due to the weather.


Current gents top score is 58 fom Ady Pritchard of Trackers


Current ladies top score is 66 from Jenny Seneque of Bees Knes








Reminder regarding results:


All League match results to be sent to skittlesresults@gmail.com


The in-box is not monitored 24/7, you will receive an automated reply to confirm receipt and John will contact you if he has any queries


All Cup match results to be sent to cupresults@gmail.com




Many thanks go to Allan Rushton for all his organisation on Presentation Night

 We hope you had a good time and that we'll see you all again at the end of the coming season





If you've any comments to make about this season's layout we'd love to hear your emailed views to skittlessecretary@gmail.com 
Your committee members are all individuals who've volunteered (and been elected by the delegates at an AGM) to run the league for you so please give us some feedback about how you think we're doing in running your league. And, if you can send it to us in email format it's so much easier to share amongst committee members without getting lost in translation.