** 19 May 2020 **


Resuming EDSL Skittles


Dear Skittlers


We hope this message finds everyone and their loved ones well.
When we took the decision to declare the 2019-2020 season null & void we obviously had no idea of the impact Covid-19 would have on all our lives. We used to go out to play our games and we freely mixed with our team-mates and the opposition, we picked up balls and pins that had been handled by everyone else without a second thought, although some of us cringed when we saw people licking their fingers or wiping their hands on damp cloths before picking the balls up.
At the time that we took the decision to stop playing we told you that all the teams who had played in the null & void season would be re-entered for the 2020-21 league season without cost. Currently we have no idea when the 'new season' will be able to start. We hear today that the Environment Secretary is hopeful that pubs will be able to reopen in July with appropriate social distancing measures in place. It will only be when the Government announces that social distancing is completely relaxed and that we can mix with multiple people from outside our homes and participate in inside team games that we, as in your committee, will be in a position to start thinking about resuming our game. 
When we reach that point, and assuming that your chosen alley is available, we will use the information on the form that teams completed at the start of the null & void 2019-20 season. We know that some teams change their captains regularly, so if any of your contact details change then please let me know as soon as possible. Already one team, Rowdies from Division 3, have announced their withdrawal from the league.
Unfortunately, we don't have a crystal ball. We hope that all of our venues can survive until we are able to re-instate the skittles league, but until we come out the 'other side' we simply don't know. When we know it is safe to do so, we will contact your nominated representative to see if your team still wants to play in the league and we will then be able to make plans accordingly.
In the meantime, we wish you all an enjoyable and healthy summer.
With kind regards and best wishes for good health,
EDSL League Secretary and on behalf on your Committee



** 15th March 2020 **


Important announcement concerning Covid-19


Dear Skittlers

The committee of the Evesham and District Skittles League has with regret taken the extraordinary decision to cease the skittles season with immediate effect.

As the national crisis with regards to Covid-19 escalates, it is now foreseeable that the final weeks of the league season (including cup competitions) are unlikely to be fully completed without significant disruption – if at all. We have a duty to you all to ensure that our competitions do not unduly place your health at risk, by requiring the completion of outstanding fixtures. There are a significant number of skittlers who will be in vulnerable groups, due to age and underlying medical conditions. Whilst this is the removal of a hugely enjoyable recreational, social and competitive activity, and we are sure there will be some disagreement in this decision – skittles is not a matter of ‘life or death’. Sadly, this virus will be.

It is our decision that the 2019/20 season is declared null and void. There will be no trophies awarded, no promotion or relegations, no completion of the cup competitions. All teams will be re-entered for the 2020/21 league season without cost.

We are very conscious that there is also a significant effect to those pubs and clubs who host us and provide facilities for skittles. Their livelihood is directly affected by this decision and we encourage you to frequent their premises if you are in good health during this difficult time.

Finally, may we wish you all and your families good health during this difficult period and pray that we can all re-engage for the AGM in the summer.

The Committee








Registration Night (20-MAY) 


AGM (24-JUN)

Will not take place

As stated above all current teams will be entered into season 2020/21 at no cost.

Information about the new season will be sent out when we have news to tell you.

In the meantime we wish everyone a healthy outcome to the current situation.


With kind regards and best wishes to keep well,

The Committee











Reminder regarding results:


All League match results to be sent to skittlesresults@gmail.com


The in-box is not monitored 24/7, you will receive an automated reply to confirm receipt and John will contact you if he has any queries


All Cup match results to be sent to cupresults@gmail.com




If you've any comments to make about this season's layout we'd love to hear your emailed views to skittlessecretary@gmail.com 
Your committee members are all individuals who've volunteered (and been elected by the delegates at an AGM) to run the league for you so please give us some feedback about how you think we're doing in running your league. And, if you can send it to us in email format it's so much easier to share amongst committee members without getting lost in translation.