28th November 2021


League results uploaded for week 7


Gents top score is 61 from Adam Westmacott of Badsey Lads


Ladies top score is 51 from Rachel Roberts of The Oddballs and Sarah Underhill of Badsey Rec




Dear Skittlers


The new season will start w/c 11 October. 


Important Note: We all want for our game to be played minimising the risk of catching anything, but the use of hand sanitizer, wearing of gloves and face masks will be the decision of each individual player. (Don’t forget your sticker-up either.) Each individual will have to rely on their own common sense. Venues may stipulate the use of such items and again, it will be up to each individual to either accept their limitations or not.


For this season only:

       ·          The time restraints of Rule 21 (a) and (b) are removed. We expect all teams to notify in good time both the opposition and the venue that a game will not take place on the specified date.

       ·          No trophies/prizes will be awarded at the end of the season.

       ·          No food to be provided at the end of games.


At this time there are no plans for any cup matches but that may change in due course. This time is all about getting back into skittles, safely, taking care of ourselves and others around us.



Kind regards,


EDSL League Secretary and on behalf of your Committee






Reminder regarding results:


All League match results to be sent to skittlesresults@gmail.com


The in-box is not monitored 24/7, you will receive an automated reply to confirm receipt and John will contact you if he has any queries



If you've any comments to make about this season's layout we'd love to hear your emailed views to skittlessecretary@gmail.com 
Your committee members are all individuals who've volunteered (and been elected by the delegates at an AGM) to run the league for you so please give us some feedback about how you think we're doing in running your league. And, if you can send it to us in email format it's so much easier to share amongst committee members without getting lost in translation.