Division 1 Champions :- Nomads....................Division 2 Champions :- Kingfishers....................Division 3 Champions The Oddballs....................



****League Tables and Results download updated ***

***Final Positions***



Highest Ladies league score is 55 by Sarah Underhill for Donegalers


Highest Gents league score is 64 by Pete Moore for Layabouts & Brian Harris for Harvington


Highest Ladies away average is 42.56 by Val East for Sedgeberrow


Highest Gents away average is 46.82 by Brian Harris for Harvington


Highest overall average home & away is 46.25 by Paul Harvey for Badsey Lads




Please remember to always check the Cup Fixtures on the website for details of cup matches.



Application forms for season 2018/2019 can be found under 'Administration' tab


Registration night is Wednesday 16 May, between 7:30 and 8:15 p.m. at Ecgwins Club, High Street, Evesham



If you've any comments to make about this season's layout we'd love to hear your emailed views to skittlessecretary@gmail.com 
Your committee members are all individuals who've volunteered (and been elected by the delegates at an AGM) to run the league for you so please give us some feedback about how you think we're doing in running your league. And, if you can send it to us in email format it's so much easier to share amongst committee members without getting lost in translation.
A date for your diary: Presentation Night will take place at The Bengeworth Club on Saturday July 2018.
We all play in this league for some reason. Be it for company, to meet new people or people we only see a couple of times a year or to be competitive. We all have an individual reason to go out from September through to the spring. And at the end of that time some of us will be lucky enough to have won something and some of us won't have. Until the delegates at an AGM make a majority decision to abolish Presentation night we will probably continue to hold this end of season celebration so even if you or your team members don't have any items to pick up please come along and support the league.