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Well we've come through into what might have felt like a mini season of cup matches and we're now back into league games. The committee would like to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and successful New Year. If you've any comments to make about this season's layout we'd love to hear your emailed views to skittlessecretary@gmail.com  After all, your committee members are all individuals who've volunteered (and been elected by the delegates at an AGM) to run the league for you so its only fair that you should make your own individual comments, isn't it? And, if its in email format it's so much easier to share amongst committee members without getting lost in translation.
The committee would like to thank everyone who provided feedback from Presentation night in July 2017. Some of you will remember from the AGM that comments were also made ahead of the event, including suggestions of increasing the league joining fee to include ticket entry to presentation night.
You were pretty evenly split in your views over whether we should retain Presentation night or not. Remember, we currently use it as a fundraiser for the league, so if we combined trophy giving with the AGM then we'd lose the potential to raise funds from a raffle, but equally we wouldn't have to spend funds on entertainment. Although it offered better value for money The Hospital Social Club doesn't have a skittle alley, nor a team playing in the league, so the majority of you let us know that you think we should use a venue that does both of these things. Then there are people expressing a wish that it be held on a Saturday. 
As a result we have changed the venue as was announced at AGM-17 back to The Bengeworth Club and we have changed the night the event will take place - from a Friday to Saturday 7 July 2018 (don't forget to put this in your diary).
A recurring comment we get is that individuals only come along to collect their trophies, but there are teams who do seem to enjoy the entertainment provided and stay a while longer. Unfortunately we do not have sufficient money in the kitty to enable people to come in for free. An entrance fee is charged to help cover the cost of the entertainment and food provided. 
Where there are a lack of ticket numbers sold the raffle we hold goes some way to offset any potential for deficit the evening produces. We try to provide a good selection of raffle prizes but again any donations you can give us are appreciated.
We all play in this league for some reason. Be it for company, to meet new people or people we only see a couple of times a year or to be competitive. We all have an individual reason to go out from September through to the spring. And at the end of that time some of us will be lucky enough to have won something and some of us won't have. Until the delegates at an AGM make a majority decision to abolish Presentation night we will probably continue to hold this end of season celebration so even if you or your team members don't have any items to pick up please come along and support the league.