League Tables & Results Download Page updated up to 23/03/2017




Gents Singles Update

Please note that one of the venues has been changed from Bengeworth to Hampton WMC





Highest Mens League Score so far is 66 by Shwan Saeed for Dads Army

Highest Ladies League Score so far is 58 by Margeret Stephen for Double Tops

Highest Team League Score so far is 490 by Kingfishers at The Ambassador Club


Please be aware of below rules before cancellation or postponement of matches
Teams giving 12 points away for no good reason will really not do our league any good.



19 If a League match or Cup match, involving 6 or more players is cancelled, the team who forfeit the game must advise the opposition as soon as possible prior to the game, to avoid unnecessary travel. The forfeiting team must advise the alley that the game has been cancelled and must submit a signed result card, clearly indicating the cancellation. If a League match is cancelled the League Results Coordinator must be notified and in Cup matches the Cup Secretary must be notified. Failure to do so will result in a minimum £10 fine. Maximum points will be awarded to the non-offending team if a League game is cancelled. In Cup competitions the non-offending team will advance to the next round.


20 Postponement of matches is not acceptable unless:

a)   The alley is unavailable. The opposing Captain, and the League Results Coordinator/ Cup Secretary must be notified, where possible, no less than 48 hours prior to the game.

b)   Weather conditions are such that it would be dangerous to travel.  Both Captains must agree as soon as possible.

c)   A team who cannot fulfil a fixture for any reason (e.g. death of a team member). If both Captains agree, then the match may be postponed.  

d)   Unless sub-clause 20 (a), 20 (b) or 20 (c) apply, Cup matches can only be postponed by the Cup Secretary, so as to avoid possible fixture congestion.

e)   The Captain requesting postponement under sub-clause 20 (b) and 20 (c) must inform the alley, and the League Results Coordinator/Cup Secretary as soon as possible. The Captain requesting postponement under sub-clause 20 (d) must advise the alley. Failure to do so will incur a minimum £10 fine.


21 Postponed matches must be completed as follows:

a)   All league games postponed before the turn around must be played within two weeks of the start of the second half of the season. 

b)   All league games postponed in the second half of the season must be played within two weeks of the finish of normal League matches.

c)   In the event of opposing captains being unable to agree a date to play a rearranged match they will both contact the Fixture Secretary who will rule on a date for the game to take place. If a team does not turn up at the rearranged venue the 12 points will be awarded to the opposing side. 

d)   Postponed Cup games must be played on the alley and date as re-scheduled by the Cup Secretary.